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Hotshots (Level 3)


Ages 6+

90 Minute Classes $98 a Month

$25 annual registration fee 

This class is by invite only. This is a non-competitive gymnastics class that focuses more on physical development, body positions, advanced gymnastics, strength and flexibility. This class is for gymnasts who have perfected their basics and are ready for more of a challenge. Gymnasts in Hotshots can have the chance to move up to our competitive team. 

Example of Skills Worked on:

  • Backhandsprings

  • Front Handsprings

  • Front and Backflips

  • Front and Backwalkover

  • Handstands and Cartwheels on Beam

  • Back-Hip Circles on Bars

  • Squat ons

  • Handstand Flatback Vault

  • Half on Vault

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